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BBC Radio 4 Food Programme Camping Special

BBC Radio 4 Food Programme Camping Special

A few weeks ago, the Food Programme asked me to join them on a summer camping special with Sheila Dillon. We were joined by broadcaster, 6Music DJ and fire enthusiast, Cerys Matthews, fellow outdoor cook, Josh Sutton, aka The Guyrope Gourmet, Matthew de Abaitua who wrote a book on the history of camping and Andy Hamilton, forager and wild drinks expert.

Sheila hadn't been camping since her husband took her for an unsuccesful night of wild camping (under the stars, no tent involved) on their honeymoon. Would we persude her that it could be more a more relaxed and harmonious experience?

Have a listen in:

The recipe I cooked (cowboy chilli with cornbread dumplings) for the Food Programme team comes from my book, How to Eat Outside, published by Bantam Press in June 2015. How to Eat Outside