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CHARRED, A Complete Guide to Vegetarian grilling and BBQ

CHARRED, A Complete Guide to Vegetarian grilling and BBQ

My new book CHARRED has now been out a couple of months and I'm so thrilled to be able to say it's a best seller. It's only taken 10 books to get here, hey? Ha ha ha ..... It has also been picked by Great British Chefs Cook Book Club as their book of the month for August. Read on if you want to find out a little more about CHARRED and what people are saying about it.

Whilst I'm not a vegetarian, with this book I wan'ted to banish the myth that barbecue has to be all about Man vs. Meat. BBQ food seems to be the last bastion of the carnivore and I just want to make it a little more omnivorous. There are chapter son brugers, kebabs, low, slow and smoked, stuffed and wrapped and sharing plates.

If you are on facebook, hop on over to the Great British Chefs Cook Book Club site to see what people are cooking and get involved yourself Great British Chefs Cook Book Club Book of the Month

Here's just a few of my favourite reviews from people who've brought it. I hope its not showing off to put them on here, but honestly I'm so thrilled that my book is doing so well. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it woudl be so popular. Huge thank you's to every single one of you who brought it, shouted about it, cooked from it.

A handful of CHARRED reviews :-)))

‘This book is revolutionary - especially for someone whose idea of veg for a BBQ was a salad and maybe a corn on the cob.’

‘Such an amazing book, so over the moon with it. The recipes are really easy to follow and great that you can cook pretty much all of them either indoors or on the BBQ.’

‘I’m a big fan of Genevieve Taylor! I first purchased the ultimate wood fired oven cookbook and now I have charred. This and the other book I have by Genevieve are more then just cook books they have inspired me to cook outside at every opportunity.’

‘What a stunning book, Genevieve shows what is possible when cooking with vegetarian food on the BBQ. Even meat eaters will enjoy this, and will broaden their bbq horizons to try new dishes….’

‘I heard about this book from BBC Radio 2's breakfast interview with the author. With a newly turned vegetarian nephew visiting from Ireland i thought it would give me some ideas. It blew my mind, and we have not stopped talking about this wonderful addition to our kitchen!’

'This is a wonderful cookbook. Contains many versatile and flavourful recipes, written in an easy to understand way. The passion for the recipes by the author really comes across.'

'I just wanted to say a huge thank you for bringing the book Charred into my world! My partner bought it for me recently, I’m not a huge reader, or big into following recipes in general, but thoroughly love cooking and particularly outdoors wherever possible. Together we picked several recipes and then cooked them over a long sunny weekend outdoors. All were a complete success with the lack of meat going unnoticed. Since then the dishes have been flying off the fire/bbq and become a staple part of our weekly menu.'

And a few pictures to tease you... (all pics copyright Jason Imgram)

And a link to buy the book if you fancy: CHARRED