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Olive Magazine: A celebration of salt in 6 recipes

Olive Magazine: A celebration of salt in 6 recipes

This months Olive Magazine see a collection of 6 new recipes from me, all celebrating the unsung hero and wonder-ingredient: salt.

Salt is the most used but perhaps the least understood ingredient in the kitchen. As cooks, we all instinctively grab for salt to season our food, but have you ever thought why? Well, for starters, salt is the only natural source of one of our five basic tastes. Lots of things are sweet, bitter or sour and those flavours can come from many sources, but only salt makes things salty.

Here's a visual teaser of the recipes in the piece - head on over to Olive's website for the recipes themselves, or even better pick up a copy of the March 2018 issue.

Gravlax with fennel remoulade

Beer and rock salt pretzels with camembert dip

Salt dough parsnips with whipped sage butter

Coffee and treacle brined pork belly

Salted butterscotch whip

Chocolate tart with salty caramelised walnuts

[all original picture credits go to Kris Kirkham, whom I hope forgives my wobbly iPhone snaps of his work!]