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If you’re interested in what I sound like on radio, then have a browse through some of my recent work below.

Radio 4 Food Programme
The BBC Radio 4’s award winning Food Programme have asked me along as a contributor and co-presenter a few times, which has been enormous fun and something I hope to do more of in the near future. Follow these links for a listen…….

R4 Food Programme - Cooking for Poldark
Sheila Dillon follows me on a food styling journey a making lavish historical banquets for the award winning BBC period drama, Poldark.

R4 Food Programme - Bristol, the Story of a City Through its Food
Sheila Dillon asked me to guide her around Bristol to uncover the food stories that are shaping the city I have lived in for over 20 years.

R4 Food Programme - The Joy of Eggs
As dietary advice restricting egg consumption is dropped, Sheila Dillon asks if its time to fall back in love with the egg. As the author of A Good Egg and something of an egg aficionado, Sheila drops in to meet my hens and taste some egg recipes from the book.