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As an author, writing about food and creating gorgeous recipes is something I have a real passion for. A naturally greedy girl, food is never very far from my mind and inspiration often strikes me when I am least expecting it. I regularly dream in recipes and some of my best ideas occur in the middle of the night. My love is for simple, colourful, beautiful food - food that looks as good as it tastes - and my mission is to create recipes that really work.

I adore cooking with the seasons, much of my inspiration comes from a lifelong love of the outdoors and gardening. I like nothing better than to wander around my garden, often with a glass of wine in hand, inspecting the progress of the things I am growing and nurturing, plotting and planning what I might do with them once they ripen. Some of my very best cooking takes me out of the comfort of the kitchen and my book HOW TO EAT OUTSIDE confirmed my reputation as something of an outdoor cooking specialist - give me a fire, a few nice ingredients and some simple tools, and I will cook you something unforgettable….

Explore the books I’ve written below. I also write for the national press, and am a regular contributor for Olive, Sainsbury’s and Countryfile magazines.