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Bristol Fire School

I am thriled to announce the launch of the Bristol Fire School (@Bristol_Fire_School), a new cookery school focussing on all aspects of live fire cooking. The Bristol Fire School will open its doors in spring 2020.I spend my summers touring the country teaching people how to light better fires at all the best food and music festivals and has come to realise that the barrier to great fire-cooked food is feeling confident with the fire itself. Once you master the fire, it just becomes cooking. The Bristol Fire School therefore has one aim, teaching people to Do Fire Better.

All aspects of fire cooking are going to be covered, in a range of day-long and short evening classes. Class sizes will be small (6-8 max) to allow for an intimate and friendly learning environment. Some classes will be women only to allow for some machismo-free space to learn about this male-dominated craft. There will also be guest sessions from some of the countries top fire chefs, i.e DJBBQ, Andy Low’n’Slow, James Whetlor (Cabrito Goat).

barbecue - fast grilling and low and slow cooking, wood fired ovens for cooking perfect pizzas, baking, roasting and slow cooking, open fire cooking, using wood, including tripod cooking, Dutch oven baking and braising and plancha cooking, Argentinian asado and parilla cooking, smoking foods - what woods to use, what fuels to use - different woods, different charcoals, how to light the most ecologically sound fires

The 2020 schedule of classes will be released during February - and this website will be update with the list of classes and booking details, watch this space. Also keep and eye on the @Bristol_Fire_School and @GenevieveEats instagram feeds for news. Or email to request going to the Bristol Fire School mailing list - those on the mailing list will get to hear about dates first.